Endurance Estates has launched a cycling strategy to promote sustainable travel and healthy lifestyles

Endurance Estates has commissioned Stantec, to identify ways to promote cycling between Centennial Park, Elstree Village and Borehamwood. Stantec was asked to prepare a cycling strategy which will utilise new traffic-free cycle routes created as part of Endurance Estates housing scheme for Land South of Allum Lane. The strategy explores locations for new infrastructure, looks at improving safety on existing routes and improving pedestrian connectivity between the Town Centre and Elstree Village.

Stantec took the council’s existing strategy for the area into account with a renewed focus on identifying opportunities to improve sustainable travel options. The updated cycling strategy identifies areas of improvement on Elstree Hill and Allum Lane, as well as an exciting opportunity for a new traffic-free route through the Endurance Estate’s proposed development site, enabling cyclists to avoid large stretches of Allum Lane. This new route will allow cyclists to bypass a particularly busy junction between Elstree Hill and The Allum Lane, which the study showed discouraged people from cycling.

Katie Stannard, the Stantec transport consultant who led the study commented:

“We know from existing data about people’s work patterns that there is a strong demand to travel between Elstree, Borehamwood, Centennial Park and the rail station. However, less than 2% of work journeys are currently made by bicycle. We were keen to understand why this was the case and develop a strategy that could overcome some of the issues that prevent people cycling. Making cycling safer with these traffic-free routes would undoubtedly encourage more people to cycle to work. Removing the barriers identified in the study will open the way for more people to embrace sustainable travel in the area.”

Land South of Allum Lane – Cycle Strategy from Alex Beetham on Vimeo.

Short video setting out the opportunities of cycle strategy